Our advisory and asset management capabilities are suitable for private individuals and family offices, and may be accessed via Havenport Funds or client specific Separately Managed Accounts.

Havenport offers a range of specialty funds catering to both income and growth oriented investors, as well as Managed Account of Funds and Separately Managed Accounts including the following:

  • Private Investment Funds offering income from short to medium duration private debt or secured loans, or growth from real asset investing or unlisted securities. Our Private Investment Funds are designed to offer differentiated investment solutions uncorrelated with the day to day gyrations of the public markets
  • Managed Account of Funds, a managed portfolio of active or index funds, actively asset allocated and rebalanced
  • Separately Managed Accounts. Underlying assets may comprise traditional assets such as equities, fixed income and funds, or alternative assets such as loans or private equity

For general enquiries about our funds and asset management services, please email us at